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Finest Canvas Photo Print Design Ideas with Special Effects

Do you want to give a unique and out-of-the-book look to your photo canvas prints? If yes then canvas prints with special effects are the perfect choice for you.

You must have observed… after printing your desired photographs on canvas, sometimes you don’t get that extra spark or X-factor in the prints that might keep every viewer wonderstruck and open mouthed. Furthermore, this lack of spark makes your canvas prints look dull and ineffective.

Well, a canvas art print provided with some special effects is a solution to all these problems. A print with special effects not only exhibits vibrant texture and sheen but also adds to the beauty and decor of your living space. These wonderful prints coming with exclusive themes and designs drastically transform the entire look of your interiors. As such canvas print designs with special effects have become the latest craze of the new generation who wants to get a modern twist in the old pictures. Apart from this, these designs have also become a way to increase the aesthetic value of the photo prints on canvas.

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Color Effects to Bring Life to the Canvas

The color options coming with a canvas print is one of the major reasons for its wide popularity. The color effects not only make your print look absolutely different from the earlier common version, but it also adds a unique touch to your interiors. Here you get the flexibility to experiment with the existing colors of your photos to make them stunning and creative. In other words, color effects bring life to the canvas making them lively and real. The most popular and special color effects available for your printed photos are:

  • The Color Splash Option

Though, there are a variety of color effects and options to add to your canvas photo to improve its appearance and appeal, one of the finest ideas is the color splash option. The color splash option brings an interesting look in a photo as it eliminates colors from selected portions of your print to make some preferred and specified components stand out from the other elements.  As such, add the color splash effect in your photo and bring on an appealing change in it. This photographic special effect option will make your special moment even more stunning and lively.

  • The Sepia Tone

Another extremely popular and widely used photo color effect is the Sepia tone. It is a perfect choice for those who want a classic look in their photos. Truly speaking, by offering a sepia tone in your printed canvas you can bring back the charm and glamour of vintage photography. The magic of sepia lies in its light brownish hue that is added to your picture making it soft, subtle and elegant. This stylish effect is a great substitute of another standard photographic effect of black and white. While giving a sepia tone to your photo you can choose its tone as per your taste and requirement. Sepia includes a wide range of tones namely subtle sepia, soft sepia, chocolate sepia and sepia color show through. You can choose any one of them and bring a remarkable twist in your existing photo.

  • The Standard Black and White Effect

The classic simplicity of canvas prints in black and white is simply un-ignorable. According to great painters and photographers, colors weaken a photo or art piece. As such in modern times black and white photographic effect has become the hot favorite of the mass. By using black and white effect your canvas photo you can avoid all the distractions caused by vibrant hues thus making your picture elegant and dignified. This unique color effect being soft and strong at a time possesses the ability of making your photo both classic and trendy.

  • Finishing Special Effects and Detailing

The idea of having special effects in your canvas wall art after getting it printed first is simply a great idea as this allows you to see the texture and look of the printed picture first. And after that you can decide what extra effects you want in it. Furthermore, if you find any glitches or defects in the print, they can be easily covered up by applying finishing effects on those particular areas. Some of the popular techniques of adding special effects after printing include:

  • Adding Color and Shine Using Gels and Varnishes

You must have got frustrated with the dull look of your photo canvas print. Well, by applying textures and effects to the printed picture by means of gels and varnishes you can bring significant change in its look and design. Featuring added shine, sheen, luster and longevity, varnishes and gels enhance the quality and value of your print. Making use of clear gels, you can improve the color and details of particular portions of your print that you feel need attention. Once after doing this, more detailing can be added to the print by coating it with protective varnish making it more vivid and durable at least for a century.

  • Applying Ultra-Protective Laminate Coat

After printing the canvas photo you can apply an ultra-protective laminate for improving the quality and texture by making it water, UV light and scratch resistant. This acrylic based laminate will coat your print with a tough and durable protective layer removing every possibility of fading, flaking, cracking or bubbling of your picture or photo. Here you can opt for two options. Either, you can laminate your photo with a satin coating finish for a soft and luster finish with fine sheen or you can choose to laminate the print with a high gloss finish. This kind of lamination will not only protect it but will also add a strong shine to it. Whichever option you go for, in the both the cases the colors of the canvas will get enhanced and brightened.

For more photographic special effects and ideas visit a good canvas printing company in your town or city. From their wide range of special effects you can choose your preferred one to add up a different look to your canvas prints. In case you can’t make up your mind with the right option for offering the best look to your photo, the experts placed in the company will guide you and suggest the perfect effect that can lend a touch of creativity to your photo canvas print. With a combination of your creative ideas and their expert suggestions you can easily create a great print that nobody can take their eyes off.

Creating canvas wall art designs with special effects simply require a little planning, reasoning and taste. A well-thought and designed canvas print with modern and stylish effects is no less than an asset as it increases the aesthetic value of your home making it an attention seeker of all the guests and neighbors visiting your home.

If you want to add out-of-the-box effects to your photo canvas prints, visit www.colormagic.in and avail their extraordinary services. Their expert suggestion and guidance will help you to land up with the best photographic effect for your printed photo on canvas. Simply place your order by visiting them and get your attractive and durable print right at your doorstep within the specified time period.

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