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Get Magical Canvas Art Prints in Kolkata

Do you have some Bong connections?

If yes then great! You are in the right place as we are talking about the incredible Bengali Community. Kolkata, though a cosmopolitan is mostly inhabited by the Bengalis who are well-known as art lovers since centuries.

Canvas Art of a Tram in Kolkata

Literature, culture, art and aesthetics are some of the signatures of the Bengalis. Being bearer of their ancestral culture and traditions, Bongs have sincerely preserved some of their age-old traditions and memories in the form of paintings, photographs and timeless memories in homes, museums, monuments and in places of cultural and historical significance. They literally strive to preserve their age-old treasures from the deadly claws of age and time. Apart from Bengalis other cultural communities living in Kolkata also try to preserve their cultural traditions by any means and cost. But, the harsh truth is something else. Whatever effort you give, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the original treasures and to save them from the inevitable effects of ageing. With the passing time your heart-hold treasures will become brittle, dull and faded.

Why Are the Old Treasures Affected?

Generally, old works of arts, photographs and valuable documents easily get affected with the passage of time. Mainly two factors are responsible for this ageing:

  • First one is the quality and longevity of the paper on which the painting is done or photographs are printed. Normal paper contains acid and lignin that are highly prone to damage as these chemicals react with the ink as time passes by.
  • The second one is the quality of the ink. If the quality of ink and the medium of printing don’t combine with each other rightly, they react and the works of art get spoiled forever.

How to Make Them Time-Less?

Being an art lover Bengali you must have only one question in your mind. “How to make our cultural treasures timeless?  Each and every person living in Kolkata is looking forward to get a solution to make their age-old treasures time-less. Something that can truly help the old paintings, pictures and photographs escape the deadly bite of time and age. Well, Color Magic, a digital printing company in Kolkata has come up with a magical solution to protect the Bengali assets and traditions. With their Canvas Art Prints Technology, Color Magic will help you to conserve your old paintings and timeless photographs by digitally printing them on special long-life Canvas Paper coming with 200 years of guarantee.  Canvas art prints technology is an advanced digital printing technology that enables you to recreate the original works of arts by great painters. Apart from paintings, you can also make life-like replicas of your ancestral photos and preserve it for the future generations to come.

What Does It Offer?

Well, Canvas art prints offer you some of the outstanding benefits for making your cultural treasures eternal. Have a look at some of the unique services offered to get inspired!

  • It recreates true-to-life lively replicas of original works of art of eminent painters including Bengali painters, by printing them on archival grade canvas.
  • The special archival canvas papers come with a life of 200 years which means the quality and clarity of the print will remain unaltered for generations to come.
  • With the help of modern large format printers you can print any painting or photograph to its perfection. The printed picture identically resembles the original picture in its each and every detail.
  • Accredited with ISO 9001:2008 it ensures the best quality canvas printing in the industry. It is the place where quality meets excellence to produce grand specimens of art.
  • Under the supervision of experienced and technical professionals, canvas art prints for   renowned photographers, artists, art galleries, museums and archives are produced.
  • Some of the excellent specimens of canvas printing by Color Magic are present in Jorashako Thakurbari, Visva Bharati, Victoria Memorial, Kolkata Museum and many other places of Kolkata bearing some historical or cultural significance.

Well, with this magical and modern Canvas art printing technology in Kolkata the art loving Bengalis can now preserve their rich culture and tradition for their successors. This special technology is nothing but a shield that preserves the masterpieces of art and culture from getting lost under the dark shadow of time. Truly speaking, canvas art prints will offer you such a rich and varied cultural legacy that you can proudly hand over to your future generations to come.


Art is in the heart of the people living in the City of Joy. Kolkata is known for artists with unique imagination and creativity. If you too are looking for some creative prints and wall arts then contact Color Magic, the Kolkata based Canvas printing company provides creative canvas printing, archival printing and digital media services,contact them at http://www.colormagic.in/contact_us.html


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