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A Few Minor Details That Can Bring Major Changes in Your Canvas Art Prints

Sometimes I wonder how great it would be if we could capture the fleeting time within our grip and never let it go!

For any nostalgic person it is extremely painful to lose their valuable timeless memories in the form of photographs and images. But, now people living in their past has a reason to smile as the latest technology of canvas printing is in place that not only ensures the longevity of their adorable photographs for generation to come but also maintains the true color and texture of your picture retaining its real feel.

Though canvas printing is a great technology and is the best medium to preserve your valuable memories, I came across many canvas prints (I guess you too have come across them) lacking in fine details which make them mere replicas and not identical with the original picture or photo. Well, that’s painful isn’t it? You invest your money, time and effort to get a masterpiece but in the end simply land up with its bad quality copy that neither looks real nor lasts long!

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But, the interesting thing is that the minute details if taken care of properly can bring a drastic change in the quality and texture of your photo’s canvas printing. Keep these minor details in mind while going for a canvas print and you are assured to have excellent quality canvas printing for centuries to come.

  • Use Only Cotton Canvas: While printing your photo in canvas, be careful about the material to be used. It should be nothing other than Cotton. Cotton being acid-free is perfect for proper ink absorption thus checking the formation of yellow color in the canvas with the passage of time and giving it original look and appearance. Formation of Yellow color in the canvas print is the biggest threat to its beauty and longevity.  So, be on toes to crush this threat right in the beginning using cotton materials.
  • Go for Protective Varnishes: After printing your photo in cotton canvas, focus on it’s detailing. The best thing about a cotton canvas print is that you can add effects to the picture even after its printing. Once after completion of the printing, the experts can add textures to the new picture by means of gels and varnishes for improving its quality and longevity. The color and details of some specific area in the picture can be developed by making use of clear gels. And as the final touch up you can coat the canvas with a safety varnish for ensuring its brightness lasting for a lifetime.
  • Choose Photos with Higher Pixels: In spite of knowing the fact that good photos make good canvas prints, most of you simply focus on the brightness and angle of your photo and simply ignore the specifications related to its pixels.  Poor pixels are mainly responsible for the breakage and lack of clarity and sharpness in your canvas prints. Canvas prints done from photos with lower pixels break and fade out. Whereas, if you choose a photo with higher pixels, it will retain its quality even after enlargement and you will get the perfect look in your canvas with absolute clarity and precision.
  • Focus on the Color: Sometimes, after printing your photo on canvas you don’t find the exact color tone as it is in the original picture. The main reason behind this is that even high-quality canvas printers sometimes fail in capturing the exact color of your photo. Hence, it is highly suggested to get a trial print before going for the final printout of your picture. In case you observe any difference between the original and the printed copy, you can adjust the color of your original photo to match with the printer color combination and bring the identical color tone in the canvas print. Though simple and minor, this detail ensures an excellent quality canvas print of your valuable photo.
  • Preview before Taking out the Final Print: Never ever straight away go for printing option without previewing your ordered photo. Trust me this will save a lot of your money. Sometimes the photo gets accidentally cropped due to wrong alignment or the color tone doesn’t match with the original photo. You can easily minimize these possibilities of getting bad quality canvas print, by previewing the final print properly before getting it in hand. This small tip not only saves your money but also ensures best quality canvas prints with desired features.
  • Choose High Resolution Photos: Though all of you know about the significance of high resolution photos, you don’t take it seriously at the time of canvas printing. For best quality canvas printing high resolution picture is mostly preferred to get the real color with clarity and sharpness. Be honest with yourself and only go with high quality photos if you truly want to create a life-like replica of the original photo. Well, in case you are going for old photos, get it edited with the latest photo editing software and enhance its resolution first to get the perfect canvas print.
  • Clean your Scanner Glass: Yes… I know you know about it! But still it is found that a good number of people get the scan of their photo without cleaning the scanner glass.  Cleaning your scanner glass means cleaning it perfectly without any traces of dust and fine hairs. If you ignore you will get an unclear photo due to the fine dust impression on the scanner glass. In case you are going for a liquid clean up… just make sure that the glass must be completely dry while scanning anything as traces of liquid can spoil the clarity of your scanned photo. So, to get a perfect scanned copy of your photo clean your scanner panel prior scanning and never take it granted that your scanner is absolutely clean.  You can make use of canned air to clean both the scanner as well as the print as this will offer you a spotless cleaning experience.
  • Customize the Scanning Option: After you are done with your scanner glass, the next step is to customize your scanning option. Few silly mistakes done during the scanning process is skipping the advanced settings and the preview option resulting in wastage of time. You keep on doing scan after scan but every time end up with a dull scanned photo. Simply avoid these mistakes. Go to the advanced scanning options and adjust the settings according to your need and always see the preview to save a lot of time by getting the best quality scan in just a single try.
  • Never Under Estimate the Light Factor: While you are printing a photo on canvas, the most vital thing that you can’t ignore is the light factor. It is an amazing quality of canvas paper that it can disperse light enhancing the effect of light on the photo thus illuminating it. As such a well-lighted photo will get printed on canvas more brightly than a dark photo. So, go for a canvas printing of only those photos which are well-lit and the subject is clear, bright and not lost in the shadows.

Well, now the vital question that must be arising in your mind is where to get the canvas printings done? Right?  Don’t worry I am here to guide you. The very first thing that you have to do is to search for a good canvas printing company in your own city or locale. Once you get them, either drop down to their place and have a direct discussion with the experts or log on to their website and view their printing portfolio. If you feel they can serve your purpose then it’s great, otherwise you can go for another option. Give sufficient time in doing a proper search and don’t compromise with the quality because it’s about your valuable assets and you can’t take a chance with their safety. And the most vital thing that you shouldn’t miss out is to check out the above mentioned details while the printing is done. Discuss these minute details with the experts in advance and they will ensure you to conduct the entire process keeping these details in mind for handing over to you a perfect piece of canvas printing.

If you want to transform your memorable photographs into beautiful canvas prints, visit www.colormagic.in and place your order. With the assistance of their expert professionals and state-of-the art canvas printing machines, you will get your desired printing done within a very short time period without compromising with its quality, color and texture.


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