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Preserving the Important News from Days of Yore

In the past days there was only one form of news and that was the newspapers. The tussle between the television news channels had not started back then. The morning newspaper was a revered thing, and everyone made it a point to read them at least once in the day. The importance of newsprint in the bygone days was immense. To have your name published in a leading daily was seen as a major event. If some of your ancestors had achieved this feat (for the right reasons), then they are worth the praise. They would have separated the newspaper immediately from the other lot and preserved it over the years. Have you found any such newsprint lately? If it has already been destroyed, then you should just sit back, browse the Internet and order for archival printing at home using the online ordering system that many printing houses have.

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If you are looking to preserve a piece of news belonging to you or the present generation, then this article would be of great help to you. What is destroyed cannot be rectified, no matter how hard you try. But what you preserve today can be taken care of so that there are no extra expenses for it. The immediate counselors, in the form of friends and relatives, will advise you to call an archive collector and take suggestions from him/her. But there are many things that you can do.

The first real step forward is to understand the challenges of preserving newsprint. Newspapers are made for bulk production and distribution. Using the best quality of paper is not always a feasible option for the printing houses. So they have to use inexpensive and expendable paper. This paper is made from the unpurified wood pulp and thus they contain impurities. When the newsprint paper is exposed to direct light, high amount of humidity and other pollutants, the paper has little qualities to resist against them. The paper starts a series of acidic reactions that first of all start to yellow the pages, later smudge the ink and then break initially. Acid makes the paper weak and brittle, so it is easy to discolor and break.

If you truly want to preserve the newsprint, then a series of careful steps is required. First of all, do not store the paper in any place that has either high humidity or moisture. Next, do not expose it to harsh lights and never to direct sunlight. The room you store the paper should have a temperature of 600F-700F. It should also have a relative humidity of 40-50%. As you can understand that the attics and basements are the least ideal places to store such newspapers. While storing the paper, you should lay it flat. You should store it in a rigid box or folder (that again does not cause any adverse reactions). There are special newspaper size boxes which are available with the conservationists. You may add an extra level of security by interleaving the newspaper with some thin sheets of alkaline buffered tissue.

If the news is more important than the paper, then it is advisable to take a cut out and get that portion photocopied. You can also order online for archival printing at home to make sure that the newsprint lasts more than 200 years.

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