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3 Tips to Add a Romantic Theme to Your Bedroom with Personalized Wall Decors and Canvas Wall Painting

How to make my first night sensuous, memorable and burning with desires?

Yes, whether a newly married couple or a pair of crazy lovers planning their first night, each of their beating hearts simply search an answer to this desperate thought and desire.

It is always a wild fantasy of partners to make their first night glamorous, passionate and intimate. Those moments spent in the warm hug of each other in the privacy of a cozy bedroom are the most precious and intimate moments for all the couples on earth. Each and every Adam and Eve find a new definition of love in the intense and sensuous instants spend in the warmth of their partners in their comfy bedroom.

Romantic canvas wall art theme

Romantic Theme

First night being the inception of a dedicated and committed life-time bonding between each and every romantic duo should be laden with splendid surprises and loving elements. As your bedroom is the abode of your dreams and desires it is a great idea to decorate it exotically for your love and offer him or her as a surprise gift for their very special night. And the smile on their lips, spark in the eyes, blush in the cheeks, fast beatings of heart with an open-handed welcome will add more pink hues to the bedroom as well as your life. Now the big question is how to add a sensuous, romantic and pleasing touch to your dream room? Though all of you have some really pretty ideas to beautify your bedroom for the love of your life, go with few of the given tips to make it even more snug and attractive.

Go with Red: Red being the symbol of love, passion and burning desire makes the ideal choice for the theme color of your bedroom. Keeping the theme color red, you can experiment with your beloved’s preferred shades and tones like cherry red, tomato red or fluorescent red. Go with charming red tinted satin bed covers to arouse your partner’s desire and to drive them crazy. Light colored candles to make the room alluring and concealed.Decorate the room with red roses in contrast to other light colored flowers to heighten their effect. Lovely wall decors, prints and paintings if included will act as a complementary treat for the entire theme.

Bring On Innovative Wall Decors: With beautiful and innovative wall decors you can add a soothing and romantic theme to the bedroom. Exotic wall decors will instantly change the entire mood of your room and bring out the hidden uncontrollable and compulsive persona in your partner. Your selection may range from paintings, wall prints to customized or personalized wall decors. Whatever you opt for, simply follow your theme, try to be innovative and it will work wonders. Transform your precious and intimate moments spent together into lovely wall paintings and create a timeless love-world into your bedroom.

romantic theme wall art

Try Out Canvas Wall Arts: Through canvas wall arts you can make your intimate and personal moments more pleasurable and lively. You can choose varieties of things as a theme of your canvas wall arts. Choose romantic paintings of renowned painters and illustrate them on your bedroom walls in the form of bright, attractive and long-life canvas wall paintings. Or opt to adorn the walls of your bedroom with classy or abstract true-to-life replicas of old works of art of eminent painters. A nude or a sex postured canvas wall painting placed just above your stylish bed’s headboard can add an absolute erotic flavor to your warm bedroom.

If you are worried about how to get personalized wall prints or canvas wall paintings to lend a romantic touch to your bedroom walls then don’t worry. There are several digital wallpaper printing and canvas printing companies in each and every city of India. You can take their help to turn your desired theme for first night into reality. Your unique concept and their timeless paintings will make your romantic journey memorable for a lifetime.

Simply plan it and make every moment of your dream night drenched in pure love and passion that is cherish able throughout your life.


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